5 Reasons why I don’t drink alcohol?

I am often asked: “why do you not drink?”, “is it for religious reasons?”, “you are missing out on all the fun!”, “a night out is not fun if you remember it the next day”, “How can you live in London for almost 10 years and not drink!”, “You need alcohol to drop all inhibitions…

Viceroy’s House @NibsnNautanki

Gurinder Chaddha’s new movie ‘Viceroy’s House’ has had multiple reviews from different standpoints, like any periodic movie. Hence, I decided to not let myself read any reviews before I watch the movie. One can say the story is good, bad, rightly, wrongly portrayed. But that is for any story based on true incidents that happen….

Nibs n Nirvana Shatakam @NibsnNaach

Nirvana Shatakam is 6 verses (Shatakam) by Shankaracharya on Nirvana – End of the cycle of birth and death and all the pairs of opposites that come between these two occurrings.

This particular dance is performed by myself on a recitation of Nirvana Shatakam by Rahul Solapkar feat Tom Alter in the album ‘In Search of God’.