Madonna – the last ‘man’ standing

12th December Madonna received the Woman of the Year award at the Billboards. But what has now become the most trending news in social media is not the fact that she won the award, but her fierce acceptance speech on sexism, ageism, misogyny and abuse that she has been subjected to.

Sexism is ‘prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.’ Prejudice and stereotyping are formed based on experiences. If that is all I have always been told or seen in my formative years or taught to value, then anything that does not fall into that will be in unknown realms. 

Spiritual statement: The mind can only go to known realms, and the intellect has the capacity to go to unknown realms. 

So when the reporters called Madonna names for releasing her new album after her divorce, they saw her gender, her age and the mind processed it to the stereotype, the conditioning of how women of her age generally behave. And stereotyping is not bad. In fact it is needed. Classifications and understanding typical attributes help the society structure and help growth. But when the mind picks up on those past learnings and experiences, and without passing it by the intellect, insists on the stereotype – that is what gives rise to sexism, ageism. 

It is the difference between doing historical analysis, and basing our forecast and predictive analysis on that. But then insisting that, the forecast HAS to be right or else the result is not accepted or I will force the forecast through somehow. And to do innovative analysis on top that is taking it to the next level and using the intellect predominately.
The intellect can go to realms unknown. So although my mind might know of only one way women are often (known realm), my intellect acknowledges the fact that this woman could be different (an unknown realm). This way I naturally make way for multiplicity in the world and let everyone be themselves. 

Misogyny is a dislike towards women. And if that is a mere dislike/like, it goes to show how much likes and dislikes can drive actions, which further leads to experiences. This is the loop of life, mentioned in the previous blog post. But the added perspective for the experience here, is it brings to light that not just me, but others also get affected by it and experience my actions and feeds back to explain the impact Madonna went through. The loop of life doesn’t work in isolation.

With her speech, Madonna was trying to bring to light all that she has been through and how her lessons were learnt, but this is the lesson I take from this piece of news..with my spiritual lens on. Now think the understanding with which we can see any form of discrimination..if only we use our intellect before we react.

Happy reflecting!


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