newSpiritual – Part 2 of 2

Elections is an easier piece of news to understand manifestation, especially in a democracy. But what about the war in Syria. It has nothing to do with me really. So how could I have contributed to it? And if I didnt then why am I having to watch this news? Why am I exposed to this? Because my mind is not pure either. Think of all the pairs of opposite thoughts and emotions we experience in a day. One hour I am happy, the other hours I am angry, the next hour I feel satisfied and the next hour I am upset that I want to walk out but I dont. And in those changes, how different the same experience of travelling  back home is? And now lets think of the ‘bad’ day when I wake up on the wrong side of bed. Everything I do next becomes miserable, unless if I make a conscious choice and change. I manifest a miserable rest of the day otherwise! If the mind at the micro level can have so many highs and lows of emotions and thoughts, and led by that my experiences, then that same logic can apply to total minds too.

Every effect has a cause. So if this world is in the state that it is in, if that is the effect we see, the cause of the world is also me. So no, I didnt cause terrorism, but did I not have a negative thought wishing harm for someone by gossiping or not practicing complete non-violence? And if I did, and the many zillion others did too, then can total minds not create that? Did I not contribute towards creating the terrorists who are brain washed in the same global society I live and contribute towards? It sounds grim. But I also did create the positivity I see around.

But who is that I? If I want to lift the bar to the next status quo, then that I is not Nibs I am writing about. That is that infinite pure consciousness that owns the body mind intellect equipments. And if the nature of that is infinite, then by saying I didnt manifest that, that is, the effect I see is not a part of me, then I am defeating the very meaning of infinite. How can anything, good or bad, be anything outside of the infinite? Lets keep reflecting.
The purpose of this blog is exactly that. To not just read the news, but to gain some spiritual insight & have some loud reflections into that to make it a more enriching experience. This is for people like me, News + spiritual people. Or New + Spiritual people..However you read it, the road leads to the same destination – A new perspective to the world we have manifested.


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