newSpiritual – Part 1 of 2

If I am a generally happy positive person, chances are watching the news today will make me fairly miserable or it will be a mental gymnastics session in making myself believe that the world is a good place to be. If I am not a happy positive person, then even worse! Chances are I will come out feeling, ‘What is wrong with this world’?

How many times have we heard people say that? ‘What is wrong with this world?’ ‘Where are we heading??’ ‘..You expect me to let my child go on her own? Have you read the news lately?’ ‘The world is such a horrible place.’…

And yet we say, ‘the world is a manifestation of our mind’, or ‘As the mind, so the world’. Non-dual essence of hindu scriptures (Advaita Vedanta) is spirituality that has sustained and is proclaimed to be relevant for all times and makes this claim loud and clear. But is it true? Did I create the brexit? Did I contribute towards 9/11? Or towards the horrific images of people dying all over the world? Well I certainly don’t think I could do that. Yes, I dont always have happy thoughts or harmless thoughts. But I sure dont act on all of the negative ones. And I certainly dont think of murdering someone and throwing acid on them! Or excluding any gender, race or religion. So how can I explain this experience in my life with what I often read within spiritual scriptures?

Let us understand first what does ‘the world is a manifestation of our mind’ mean.

We have all been in a situation where the same experience by 2 people is seen completely differently. Did you watch the presidential debates? I could have watched it and thought Hilary Clinton totally nailed it! But clearly she didn’t. Because someone watched the same debate and thought Trump did. Same situation – but different experiences, different perceptions, different impact, different focal points, different views, different votes. So my world is a perception of my mind. But how is it a manifestation?

Manifestation is defined as an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical. When I watched that debate, did I focus on Hilary winning or Trump losing? Ofcourse on Trump losing. And that is all I focused on. So my mind was exposed to this information and my mind says ‘I dont like Trump’ (desire) – that leads to more thoughts along the same line because that ‘I dont like Trump’ desire was so emotionally charged – that leads to action of sharing my thoughts with others – that leads to experience of how people respond. And every respond I got, for or against Trump, my tendency to dislike him and what he stood for even more. And the cycle of tendencies to desire to thought to action to experience (loop of life) continued. Until the day the election results were background news or not in news and the desire was dissolved with time. Now could I say I created this result? No. But imagine every other person who did that. Each person focused on being for or against Trump, but did not focus on being for Hilary. And total minds, together manifested that experience. Did it not?


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