Nibs n statioNs #lemonjuicetoourhamstercagehangover

200+ heads in every 100 sq ft space, charging towards 1 door, like a bull towards its target. So packed together that you can’t see faces anymore – climbing, falling, hanging, dragging, screaming, shouting, abusing, pushing, pulling. Someone is gliding with the crowd push. Someone’s belongings are caught on one end and they are on another, and they are being shouted at for slowing the crowd down. Someone picks a pocket in the meantime or grab someone’s something. Someone is simply trying to get out in the opposite direction but has missed to glide out with the crowd pushing them out of the door and is now left alone in that direction. Someone falls and grabs onto anything or anyone they can hold on to. Someone screaming away to increase the pace of the crowd near the exit. And as it moves there is madness, havoc, disorder leaving people back unsettled and restless followed by mandatory ‘looking at watch/phone’ time keeping look..and this restless vibe remains until the next wave of chaos kicks in again as it drives in gradually…

After 7 years I set out on amchi Mumbai local train journey from one end to another. And as I smiled to myself as I felt one with my city again, yet untouched by it, it’s chaos all around, I started drawing parallels to our spiritual journeys.

Each one thinking only about how can I get on/off the train in the material world!..or is there any thinking at all or are we on auto-pilot? Who is pushing the crowd? Who started it? Why?

I am on a station in life, and waiting for the train of desire/s to be fulfilled. Desire fulfilled if I get on the train, but only until the next desire, the next day, the next train to catch.  I make that same journey again, every day. There is restlessness that never really leaves. Incompleteness until I reach the destination, but the nature of the destination is incomplete, finite too. The wants may be fulfilled but the wanting never stops

The train of desire doesn’t stop while I am at a station of life, but the attachment to the desire, the agitations and the restlessness that is a result of the attachment, that can.

Truth is until I change the nature of my destination, the nature of my journey will not change. So many of us don’t even know what our destination could be. How effortless and joyful the journey could be..if only I step back, stand apart & detach, watch the chaos and become a true witness/sakshi.

But who is witnessing the witness? Who is the eye of the eye – श्चक्षुषश्चक्षुः – cakṣuṣaścakṣuḥ  (Kenopanishad.Verse.2., Rig Veda)? I am witnessing with my eyes but when I am dead my eyes continue to exist, but I can’t see. Ok so the mind is the Real witness. The mind can see the eye, but who can see the mind? Mind also changes. I ‘know’ of the changing mind. So who is the knower of the known? Who is the Real witness? (Ref: Drg Drshya Vivek) Think!

Let us lift our minds from the mindless journeys we make everyday to question the mindful journeys we can make. We don’t always have to change where we stand to be a witness but we do have to change what we choose to see, to observe, to think, to reflect on and question the Seer of the Seen. That is the cure to our hamster cage hangover that we are not even aware of we are in. Think!






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